BRITs, Amsterdam, London, Leicester and Brighton…

Last couple of weeks have been mega busy – a lot of early starts and late nights, European day trips and etc. Hotels once again are becoming my home – for some people it’s great and you may think, why is he complaining but after a while, the novelty is wearing off and it’s mega tiring to say the least. You simply, start to miss your own bed, little habits, family and friends.

Not a 5 day week

This week, I spent two days in an office and then as of Wednesday have been on the road… more like road, tracks and air but never mind. For some waking up on Wednesday, it means they’re half way through the week and looking forward to a lay in bed at the weekend. For me, Wednesday is the busiest day – it’s a mixture of lecturing and mentoring. However, this week it was more special – I got to go to BRITs Awards, the most recognisable awards in the music industry in Europe. As anticipated,  Adele stole the show – well done girl, she deserved it.

Loved the performances from Coldplay, Lorde doing a tribute to David Bowie, Rihanna with a cheeky appearance of Drake and of course, Biber!

“You can make it… “

Getting out from the O2 in London as always proved challenging and finding my hotel in Docklands was equally interesting. At 00:35am, I made it.

CcIayngUsAELlF9.jpg-largeThe following morning, I had to dash to Gatwick Airport as I had a meeting organised with a Client in Amsterdam. For some reason I miscalculated how long it would take me from Docklands to Gatwick Airport via Victoria. As I was jogging from the security to the gate, fellow passengers supported and cheered me, shouting “You can make it!…. Well, I did make it… I arrived at the gate with a minute, two to spare. Once again, first flight in, last flight out. Done.

“Are you taking this call in a swimming pool?”

Friday was equally entertaining – I was booked on a conference call with a Client but given the fact that I had to travel up to Leicester for an event that I was speaking at, I had to check out from Ibis and travel up to St Pancreas. All the cafes were busy and noisy, park benches had homeless people sleeping at them, so I decided to take the call in the King Cross’ Square – just outside of St Pancreas and London King Cross railways stations. At the time, it felt it was the best place for it.

Coffee in one hand, notepad with a pen on my laps, headphone in – right. its time to dial in. After a few second, it was my turn to introduce myself and then a surprise… a client asked me, are you taki
ng this call in a swimming pool? I was puzzled. Was thinking, what does he mean? Okay, I have an auto responder on my emails on but that doesn’t mean, I am on annual leave.

Well, I wished I was in a swimming pool but hey, I am prepared and sitting on a frozen marble bench outside one of the busiest stations in Britain. What he meant was the noise of a (bloody) AC fan that was working in the background. Shortly followed by number of other noises – police sirens, others who had the same idea of taking their calls in the Square and busy, hungry Londoners rushing to grab a bite to eat as lunch was fast approaching.

Another lesson learnt – next time, I need either find a really quiet spot (ideally inside) or perhaps look to call someone first and find out what they’re thinking of the background noise.

Charisma vs competencies

As mentioned earlier, I was booked to speak in Leicester at an event – 9th Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK. For a 9th year now, the event is hosted and run by different Polish societies from all of the UK.

Leicester was lucky to have it this year and it was a brilliant, fun and packed couple of days – met some fantastic, young and career hungry students from all of the UK but also other European cities. Great bunch of fellow speakers and panelists.

I also participated in an hour long panel discussion on Charisma vs Competencies – what is more important. It’s fair to say, all panelist agreed its not’ ‘vs but ‘and’ – everyone individual needs a charisma and competencies.

Sunday is a fun day

With reference to the heading – Sunday is a fun day! Hence after couple of hours on a train, I arrived in
Brighton to be part of Vitality Brighton Marathon. And no, no, I didn’t run – that would be too much to ask. I simply arrived to support the fantastic team from a local, independent restaurant in Hove, SkyFall. Well done to Jordan, Lindsey and the team on completing the Corporate Relay.

Also congratulations to all of you who participated in SkyFall’ #WinningWheel competition and have won some vouchers to dine with them. I can tell you one thing – you will be amazed by their food and creativity of the chef. I am not a fishy person (in fact, don’t ever eat it) but their steak of cod with chickpeas and Chorizo was just too good.

Right to finish this blogCcTlZsGWoAA4kQU.jpg-large, as my roast has just arrived! Bon Appetite and have a lovely Sunday!, T x

P.s There are several new campaigns that we’re launching at GottaBe! and over the course of next few weeks, I will be able to share them with you. For time being, shhhh… Also, as we’re preparing these campaigns, I am going to be traveling even more. Whilst rushing around, I forgot to charge my shaver and after a day of being on the road, it run out of battery. I now look like a Santa Clause!


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