Interview with Kasia Rain

You may recall that recently I travelled to Amsterdam on business – I was there to interview Kasia Rain, a fitness and lifestyle coach, the official fitness coach of Next Top Model. In July, Kasia Rain will run two fitness events; 9th July in Dublin and a day later (10th) in London.

I spoke to Kasia about her journey, motivation and how to combine a healthy eating and sport. 

First of all, thank you very much for finding some time in your busy schedule to answer some questions for us today. How did you become a fitness fanatic to start with?

Hey! Thanks for having me today. Well, I was always a sporty and active girl, but when I became a teenager I had a personal crisis and was diagnosed with an eating disorder, which was a negative time in my life. However, when I decided I needed to help and find myself and become healthy again, I changed to a healthy lifestyle by doing Yoga, Meditation and Fitness. I saw first-hand what it could really do for you when you find a healthy balance and lifestyle, and found a passion within myself for it. I decided I wanted to bring and show this to others just how it can change their life, not only psychically but personally also, and so is my drive for being a fitness fanatic.

What motivates you to exercise on a daily basis?

I don’t need much to push myself because I really love this lifestyle. But, what motivates me on a day that I don’t feel like training is the feeling you get after, with the endorphins, the self-pride and an energetic aura. For me, this is the biggest motivation to train and it also helps that I just love it!

Has someone famous inspired you to do what you do, or has this been a more natural? Is there someone that you look up to?

I very much look up to the Dalai Lama, for the spiritual part of my lifestyle. It can really help with your personal and physical growth, losing all egos and arrogance and finding the balance of being healthy. Listening to him and seeing what he teaches can really help you in all aspects of your life, even fitness. So this is definitely someone I would love to meet one day.


What’s more important, exercise or diet?

I will surprise you because you always hear that the diet is the most important factor, which is true to a certain extent, because you can’t out train bad food. But, I always say, it’s 50/50. Why? Because these two factors aid each other. When you train, you work hard, then ultimately you want to eat healthy, otherwise it’s a waste of your hard work. You need to have the motivation to avoid bad food and eat healthy, and, when you eat healthy, you have the energy to train. When you eat bad food, you don’t have this energy, you feel tired and you don’t feel good. So when you eat healthy, you’re going to want to train, so these two are as important as each other, 50/50 fitness and diet and that’s how you achieve your goals.

Now a question about your DVD and book, is that what motivated you to do these?

Yes, this is what inspired me to write the book because I see people, especially beginners, struggling with knowing what’s healthy, what should and shouldn’t be eaten, and there are many existing fitness and cook books with healthy recipes, but, they are quite difficult with beginners and especially with ingredients that they don’t know. So, I wanted to give something to people that’s easy for everyday use. My book has under 25 minute recipes that can be used every day and is for everybody, to help with the transition from an unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle but in a very subtle way.

Becoming a trainer for Holland’s Next Top Model must have been a huge achievement for yourself, well done. How did that come about?

That was definitely a big achievement. How did it come about? Well the production company was looking for a professional to assist the girls, because as we all know models have to be the right sizes, they have to be in shape and be healthy. But these are young girls, and they have to be helped, they have to be shown how to work out and how to be healthy. So I got in contact with the production company, as I have been a trainer in Holland for a while and I’m known for my methods. We clicked right away and that’s how I got to train the girls and help them fit and healthy in a balanced way.

What would you say is your biggest achievement overall?

I would say my personal achievements definitely, so that’s everything I’ve overcome in my life until now. Especially my teenager years where my life turned negative, but, I got myself out of it, and turned it into something positive. I really got to build something not only for myself, but now I can help others, so this is my biggest and most personal achievement.

Seems like you’re quite busy over the next few months, so tell us more about that, because it sounds exiting.

Yes, it’ definitely going to be a busy year, a great year! I’m very excited, especially for my ‘Get fit with Kasia Rain’ tour, I really can’t wait for it. We also have got the Foga Fitness, my new fitness method that’s coming out this year, I’m very excited to show this to people, give it to people, also the model body work out camp in Ibiza, in September, with all the models.

It’s a great way to get into shape, but also get a little vacation. I’m also working on the morning workout show with Kasia Rain, that’s for next year but we are already busy with the preparation, so people are going to be able to work out with me every morning, so there will be no excuses, Kasia Rain on TV every morning to get you into shape, so I’m very excited for this year and the next few years of course.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.18.21

You’re about to set off on a European tour “Get fit with Kasia Rain”, tell us more about it, what can we expect? If I come, what do I really get?

Well definitely lots of energy, that’s really my thing to give to people. Also, with all of the positivity I have in me, I want to bring that to people and can’t wait to meet everyone that’s going to come to my event. I hope that guys, not only girls, also come, and introduce all of my fitness methods and methods to work out. Also the methods that are beneficial on a personal matter, to encourage the healthy lifestyle and help people get motivated and feel good. So, definitely lots of positive energy and lots of fun!

As well as being a coach and fitness instructor, you’re also a personal trainer, what motivates you to motivate your clients?

With lots of positive energy, this is feedback I always get from my clients, they really enjoy the energy that I give them. I really care about my clients, after a while it feels like they become my kids, so I’m really happy to see them gain results and achieve their goals. Also, another way I motivate people is to not make them do the extreme straight away, I really adapt the training to their level to help them see themselves the growth and results in their efforts which helps with their own motivation. My clients can’t wait to come and train, and achieve more than their set goals, for anew better version of themselves. So I motivate them with positive vibes and it’s giving and taking, to me this is how it works.

You’ve got someone like me, who sits in an office all day, constantly on the move, early nights in or late nights out, I don’t tend to eat very well, or don’t eat 3 square meals a day on a regular basis, so question to you, or challenge, what do you do with someone like myself, to get me motivated, and look better?

You’re not the only one so don’t worry, there are many people struggling with this problem, because everybody has a busy schedule, a lack of time and it’s a very common problem. But, you can definitely do something, I always say, you have to introduce little changes or small steps into your current lifestyle. If you make extreme changes too early, you’re going to lose the motivation and you’re not going to do it. So what can you do with your current lifestyle? You can wake up a little earlier, do a little stretching for half an hour or a few exercises and find something you really enjoy. You can also start the day with a cold glass of water with fresh lemon, which will wake up your body and make you feel refreshed, along with always eating breakfast, even if it’s something small and healthy, don’t leave your house without eating breakfast. Then at work when you’re sitting at your desk try to do a few exercises, like tensing your muscles when you sit and nobody will see it but you know yourself you’re doing it, always take the stairs instead of the elevator, it’s a very old one but it works and always walk. Find a workout that you like, maybe even mine, and do it twice a week and after you see some results and start feeling better you might feel you’ll do an extra day a week. Make smarter choices when you’re eating out, ask for the sauce on the side from your plate, and that’s how you’ll get there, you can totally do it.

More details about “Get fit with Kasia Rain” coming up soon! For time being, make sure you’re off on 9th July (Dublin) and 10th July (London)!. 

Kasia Rain is a Motivational fitness & Lifestyle coach,  The Official Fitness Coach, nutritionist and Body Planner for the Dutch installment of ”Tyra Banks” Hit TV show “Top Model” and has been an ambassador of Health, Fitness & Lifestyle her entire life.

Kasia is also the creator of The Official “Model Body Workout” Program and DVD as well as the hip and cool cardio workout program “FOGA Fitness. Next to her exciting Workout Programs, DVD’s, TV Programs and monthly column in Fashionista Magazine.

Kasia is also the Author of the ultimate beginners guide to eating Healthy, the cookbook “Healthy & Simple with Kasia Rain” her personal trainings and nutrition plans have delivered incredible results to men and women all over the world.

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