A different, quirky Advent Calendar

As I write this, I am sat on-board a Norwegian flight to Stockholm – jetting off to the Nordics for a long weekend. Unlike the many passengers around me, disengaged in their music, or immersed in the many games and films on their smartphones and tablets, I have spent half my flight debating on whether I should put a few words together or not.

After all, I am no blogger, vlogger, instagrammer (well, I do have an account but I don’t post daily), or next craze that has yet to be invented! 

Since 2008, when I started GottaBe! (back then tomaszdyl PR), I have had many meetings with entrepreneurs, Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, HOM and CEO’s. Some have become clients, some haven’t (yet!), but all of them have enjoyed chatting to my team and I, about field and experiential marketing, ethnic marketing and brand activations to name but a few.

Why?! Simply, they wanted advice, consultation, and ideas, to increase sales and awareness of their products and services.

So as we approach the busiest, yet most enjoyable time of the year, our minds start to wander towards unwrapping Christmas gifts and eating delicious feasts, as well as planning ahead for the New Year. Furthermore, those who are business owners or at management level may also start to think about changes to marketing strategies, suppliers, or inspiration for new ideas. 

With this in mind, for the 3rd year in a row now, my team and I will be running our annual 24 Days of Christmas campaign called Advent GB. Starting from Tuesday the 1st December, Advent GB (short for GottaBe!) will be running across our social media channels, as we publish tips, ideas, special offers, marketing solutions and interesting stats for you to consider and digest.

At GottaBe!, we love to share our passion for marketing with others, which is why we are bringing Advent GB to you once more! 

As well as being fun and informative, treat Advent GB as a FREE consultation! With each door you open, our chocolaty surprise will be a marketing reward designed to help drive your marketing strategies for the New Year and entice your creative mind with new ideas. Plus, unlike those delightful chocolates, its all 0 calories!

Therefore, make sure you engage with us across all Social Media platforms and get #AdventGB trending! Follow GottaBe! on Facebook www.facebook.com/GottaBeMarketing or Twitter @GottaBeUK.

So before I say goodbye and enjoy my time in Stockholm, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your team and family, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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