Craving for some Celebrations…

… well, you may think that. But since its a New Year, for some of us, its start to the New Year resolutions – loosing weight, getting fitter, quitting smoking and etc. However, Celebrations might come in handy for something else too. This blog post will explain how!

Now, we are in the New Year, let’s think about the 365 days that have just passed. If I was going to ask you to name most of your highlights from 2015, I am sure you would only be able to give / list 5-15 stories! Not too bad, you may think. However I can tell you all of mine… how!? Let me tell you the secret!

Throughout the year, I collect all of my “positive” memories / highlights on individual cards and then I store them in an empty Celebrartion box! Then on New Year’s Day, I re-live the moments but going through each of the cards!


(I have had 104 memories in my box – let’s hope in 2016, I can have more, maybe 200!?)

So, open that Celebration box, eat whatever is left over and then start jotting down your memories as they happen in 2016. Then on 1st Jan 2017, you will be pleased to go through them again and remind yourself what amazing year it was!

Have a very Happy New Year and I wish you 366 days (leap year!) filled with memories and whatever else you might be dreaming off…



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